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Then let your current efforts speak to the problem.  Every
organization makes mistakes, have employees act clueless, etc.  This
is understandable, and if corrected, forgivable.  It sounds like your
company has addressed the problem.  If anyone asks about it, tell the
truth, and explain how you fixed the problem.  Asking (or in your case
rather forcefully threatening/demanding) a historical archive of a
mailing list to selectively purge their records is not the answer.  An
archive is just that, and what you are asking for defeats the purpose
of the archive; furthermore it is not likely to result in erasing the
record as there are likely to be cached copies elsewhere.  If you are
worried that the post will show up in web searches, then publish a
followup page and submit it to the search engines so it comes up along
with the original post.  Threatening to sue over publication of the
truth makes you look far worse than having made a mistake a year and a
half ago and then acknowledging and fixing the problem.

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        All we are asking it to clear the slate. If e-mail was sent
through our servers (which may have happened back then since it was so
long ago and the sys admin we had at the time had no clue what he was
doing), we have put measures in place to prevent anything like that
happening. We are continuing to improve our servers and service. We
are in
the process of hiring all new staff and make our service better than
We are currently adding a T3 and in the next 2 to 4 month we will have
another T3 and we are adding 50 to 75 new servers. You can see that we
investing a lot in our service and we don't need some stupid little
like this with inaccurate information hanging over us.

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