transit across the ixs

Paul A Vixie paul at
Wed Feb 17 18:00:14 UTC 1999

> cool beans.  employment security for level-3s at the noc.  makes it really
> fun to debug when packets come from places different where routes go.  good
> job.		--randy

It sounds like Verio (a) didn't know about CIX's next-hop policy at PAIX
and (b) is about to ask for it to be changed.  Any CIX member who wants
to see the CIX router as the next-hop for all PAIX-reachable routes should
just ask for that behaviour.  After all it's not like the GIGAswitch has
buffering limitations or HOL blocking or anything bad like that.

The CIX router at PAIX has been called "like a route server" and except for
the "1280" that gets put into transit paths, that's just about true.  (There
is just enough SMDS and private connection traffic to make it false, though.)

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