transit across the ixs

Randy Bush randy at
Wed Feb 17 14:51:20 UTC 1999

>> cool beans.  employment security for level-3s at the noc.  makes it really
>> fun to debug when packets come from places different where routes go.  good
>> job.
> Aw, come on Randy.  It's not like it's rocket science.

no, but it is non-trivial added burden for the noc.  we don't do that.  does
not scale.

> The routes do go there, after all.  A "show ip bgp w.x.y.z" on the TC
> router will show your router as the next hop.

i.e. our noc has to contact the third party noc.  half the folk on mae-x
seem not to even have nocs.  does not scale.

> How do you debug problems with a multihomed customer on the end of a
> serial link when you can't see their config?

they have a vested interest in debugging their problem and are going to be
available when the problem site is in trouble because they are the site with
the problem.

> In another thought, what if the "offender" is not a transit customer,
> but the same provider.

that's why we listen to meds at exchanges.

> Is this bad?  You agreed to peer with them.  Does your peering agreement
> restrict them to one router as the source? 



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