transit across the ixs

bmanning at bmanning at
Mon Feb 15 04:25:58 UTC 1999

> >>>> you might be amused to write a bit of code to see if your ix peers are
> >>>> giving you next-hops of other provider(s).  it is clear that a number of
> >>>> providers are selling transit across the ixs.  not at all cool.
> >>> Well, that is actually up the the IX operators and participants.
> >> and which are you?
> > Operator. And you?
> just a humble bottom feeding scum sucker.
> and i was talking about major exchanges.
	Well, from a two-bit, backwater exchange operator to a humble
	bottom feeding scum sucker, perhaps neither of us can speak for
	the major exchanges or big operators.  For that matter, who are 
	we to determine what is "cool" for big players and major exchanges. 

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