Cisco GSR, Gig Ethernet config?

john heasley heas at
Fri Feb 12 02:07:57 UTC 1999

On Thu, Feb 11, 1999 at 03:19:55PM -0800, John Haskins wrote:
> Our configuration:  a GSR12008 with two interfaces, an OC12 ATM to the WAN
> and a gig ethernet to the campus, serving as a border drain.
> Does someone have real experience configuring this box with SFCs and
> CSCs?  Is a full switch fabric (3 SFCs) and second CSC required or
> desirable for the gig ethernet interface to work?

required.  you must have 3 SFCs.

> Could we expect to
> support a second gig ethernet interface?  So many questions!

not at full bw; i believe this exceeds backplane bw.

> Thanks,
> John Haskins
> jhaskins at
> Communications Services
> University of California
> Santa Barbara

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