Maintenance modems and power failures

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Thu Feb 11 08:36:40 UTC 1999

At 06:38 PM 2/10/99 -0800, Austin Schutz wrote:

>	Get two modems.
>POTS ---- Modem 0 ---- Modem 1
>            |            |
>          UPS AC       Utility AC
>	This only really makes sense if you have your terminal server
>w/ redundant power, one utility AC and the other UPS AC. 

Actually, this will work better with two POTS lines, and two terminal
servers.  I like two different types of terminal servers - a 25/26xx (the
26xx with 32 async ports is kewlio), and something like a Sentry remote
reboot device with async ports.  Be sure one modem/terminal server combo is
plugged into the utility power and the other modem/terminal server combo is
plugged into the UPS.  (You'd feel dumb if the terminal server was plugged
into the wall and the modem into the UPS. :)

The obvious problem here is that it is much more expensive than the normal
OOB setup.  But if you are going to have remote reboot equipment anyway,
getting a Sentry with the terminal server isn't that much more expensive
than the one without.  This also gets you around stupid problems like IOS

Now you just have to figure out which devices' console ports to plug into
which terminal server. :p

>	Austin


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