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Rodney Joffe rjoffe at mailorder.com
Tue Feb 9 23:19:44 UTC 1999

Darin Divinia wrote:
> How does one look up Japan domain registrations?
> Thanks,
> D.

I guess this is as good an opening as any (although a little premature I
fear) to follow up a message I sent a while ago.

We've built a website that is 'almost' non-embarassing, to serve as a
jumping off stage for some useful tools.

http://www.geektools.com has a smart whois interface, which will take
either a fqdn, an ip address, or a domain name, from any tld, and will
attempt to return an answer. It has taken some work to standardize the
formats of some of the obscure registries, and will take more work. But
it is useful now.

It also has a a comprehensive (though not complete) compilation of
publicly accessible traceroute gateways, categorized by country, with
major network if known. Please be aware that some of these may not be
designed for high useage, and may disappear. If you know of any others,
please email them to us at complaints at centergate.com :-)

We're still building the tools section.
We're still building the software section, and the calculator section.
We'll be providing a searchable rfc mirror.
We'll be adding a wrapped aggis interface.

If anyone has any additional suggestions for features, please let us
know. Really.

Finally, we designed it so that it should work with all the browsers,
and Lynx. Text only if you want. Minimal colors. 640 x 480. No
java/active x. No cookies. And no logging unless people start abusing

Enjoy it, and feel free to volunteer additions.

*Please remember*... this is an early work in progress. If you don't
like it, ignore it. Don't bitch.


Darin Divinia wrote:
> How does one look up Japan domain registrations?
> Thanks,
> D.

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