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And I claim to be king of the world.  Now give me your assets in
taxes, Bob, since you are on my planet.

You or I can claim any right we want, but that does not have any
automatic association with reality.

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James D. Wilson

"non sunt multiplicanda entia praeter necessitatem"
    William of Ockham (1285-1347/49)

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Subject: Re: Monitoring, Flow Stats (Re: spam whore, norcal-systems)

I, Bob Allisat wrote:
>  Technicians have no right to scan any mail for
>  contents that does not violate the more important
>  civil rights of citizens to privacy and precious
>  freedoms of expression.

Ken.Coar replied:
= Pardon me, but that sounds a crock.  A service has
= whatever scanning rights its T&C provide, and subscribers
= recognise that and authorise them by accepting those
= T&C.

 Terms and Conditions are secondary to fundamental
 human rights, freedoms and liberties. Just because
 the American constitution has preserved businesses
 in the US from respecting these inalienables does
 not mean they do not exist everywhere. My right to
 freely and civilly express myself, to associate
 with whom I please & so on (see <> )
 extend to most places and almost all circumstances,
 especially publically accessible facilities and
 networks. I claim those rights as superior to any
 damned Acceptable Use Policy, unconstitutional
 contract or agreement made in duress.

I, Bob, wrote:
>                          What Mr. Howard is, in fact,
>  proposing is the computer systems equivalent of that
>  staff of thousands in the form of software that scans
>  and then junks anything the programmers decide is
>  unacceptable. Which is totally egregious.

Ken Coar:
= I rather expect that the criteria originate elsewhere
= than with the programers.

 The prograammers will institute it and directly
 participate in it's implimentation. They bear full
 responsibility of their actions. Can't blame it on
 someone else forever, eh? Technology and technologists
 which aide and abed political overlords are no less
 (and some might argue are more!) guilty. You folks
 have alterior motives and oppressive so-and-so's
 among ya'll just like anywhere else.

I continued:
>  Instead of designing systems and software that can
>  handle the modern volume of electronic communications
>  (the good the bad and the ugly) these allegedly capable
>  professionals advocate choking off what "We the People"
>  can or cannot send each other and call it a public
>  service. When in fact the public would be served far
>  more by recieiving all of the mail from systems that
>  didin't choke at every silly cyber-flyer, dumb make
>  money scheme or wedding/birth announcement.

= I don't buy anything resembling this argument.  There are
= reasons why chain-letters are illegal in the U.S., y'know.

 There may be better reasons they are not illegal
 elsewhere. You engineering people have sat on your
 lazy or politically motivated asses far too long.
 The volume of normal, civil, human mail has grown
 by magnitudes. You try and stem that over-whelming
 tide by restricting our freedoms to express ourselves
 instead of building better mailboxes, faster and more
 robust processing systems and so on.

 Lazy, arrogant, biassed, censorous motherphuckers!
 Do your freaking jobs instead of bitching about how
 stupid people are and scheming ont he ways to shut
 us all up. Our patience is not eternal and if you're
 not careful there may be a backlash that makes your
 phoney "Green Card" counter-spam look like a picnic.
 Stupid IETF lethargic nimrods of corpulant intellect!

 Bob Allisat

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