spam whore,

Dean Robb pceasy at
Thu Feb 4 03:20:23 UTC 1999

At 14:12 2/3/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Unless of course the publicity is that Verio can't be trusted to keep
>private information private.  Or that the publicity is that Verio thinks it
>can use any  private information that passes through it to its own ends. 

Oh, please.  What is so private about "150 packets went from to 456.456.456.456"?  That's a mighty long way from
"According to their email, Jim is cheating on his wife with Sally!"

WHY do you keep floating this strawman at EVERY POSSIBLE opportunity?

Hire a damn lobbyist and get your law passed, nobody but you thinks the
current law applies. 

Microsoft Windows(tm):  How much hair did you want to tear out today?  

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