OUTAGE: MCI Worldcom nationwide ATM network

Sean Donelan SEAN at SDG.DRA.COM
Wed Feb 3 23:33:11 UTC 1999

MCI Worldcom had a circuit outage in Indianapolis at about 11:30 CST 
3-Feb-1999.  Since then the MCI Worldcom ATM network has been FUBARed.
MCI Worldcom believes the problem is in some Cisco equipment, and
cisco has issued a patch.  MCI Worldcom will be reloading their entire
nationwide ATM network between midnight and 2:00am hoping to fix the

I don't know if MCI Worldcom has filed a FCC outage report like AT&T
did when their frame-relay network had problem.
Sean Donelan, Data Research Associates, Inc, St. Louis, MO
  Affiliation given for identification not representation

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