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On Tue, 2 Feb 1999, Dean Anderson wrote:
> If you read the statute, it permits monitoring for quality control
> purposes, which your flowstats are.  
> There is no exception in 2511 for what Ravi did.  Does Verio often reveal
> confidential information about their customers' customers traffic?  I
> wonder how Verio's ISP customers/peers feel about that.  I know I wouldn't
> be happy if UUnet or BBN thought they could capture and publish my
> customers packets.  My customers include insurance and health care (privacy
> intensive) companies. They would be very unhappy if we used someone who had
> this attitude.
> The anti-spammers usually claim the abuse exception as justification for
> instituting a block.  Its their best (though still flimsy) argument.  Its
> flimsy since the congress has the authority to regulate or ban spam, and
> the congress did pass laws banning junk faxes, and limiting calls to cell
> phones, yet they have not yet banned spam.  Nor has any court found spam by
> itself to be an abuse. The one spam related law that was before the
> congress would have placed some requirements on spammers, but would have
> made it specifically not an abuse for 2511.  In other words, the congress
> doesn't agree with the anti-spammers.
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