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Here is something germane to this thread.

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>Subject: EC Directive on IP Addresses and Privacy
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>I thought this would interest you - these are NOT my words but
>the words of the source of the message to me:
>"Yesterday, I learned from a very well-placed U.S. Government source that
>European law enforcement officials have told their American counterparts
>that they interpret the E.C. Data Protection Directive as prohibiting
>Internet service providers from maintaining records of users' IP
>addresses unless necessary for service or billing.  This position indicates
>that E.C. officials consider both dynamic and static IP addresses to be
>subject to the Directive as "personal data'...relating to an...identifiable
>natural person" under Article 2(a) of the Directive.  Therefore, it is
>being interpreted that the European Directive prohibits the retention of
>dynamic IP addresses even by an ISP unless it is used for billing purposes
>(which is rarely the case).
>If shared by others in the E.C., the position could have significant
>implications for Internet business models." 
>See you at INET'99, San Jose, CA, June 22-25,1999 

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