spam whore,

Dean Anderson dean at
Wed Feb 3 02:43:33 UTC 1999

You have the right to monitor,  but you weren't monitoring in the first
place. And thats why Ravi's monitoring and publishing is legal?  You sound
like the manager on Dilbert.

I'll tell you what. I'll do my part. I'll assume I was a recipient of one
of Norcals spams (in fact I think I was), and thus being one of the parties
whose electronic privacy was violated I can complain about Verio's
unauthorized monitoring. I didn't give Verio permission. Norcal didn't give
Verio permission. I'll forward the post to norcal and verio's agents, and
the US attorney. 

Thanks.  Now maybe we can get a court case on record.


At 11:17 AM 2/2/1999 -0500, Christopher Neill wrote:
>Thanx Dean.. actually, we do have the right to monitor traffic on our
network, which we werent doing in the first place. What we had was an
extended access list that matched tcp port 25 outbound from their /23, and
logged that. Since they were using us as a transit provider for their
dubious activities we are well withing our rights per our AUP
( But its too late for you to take
back your post. Think first.
           Plain Aviation, Inc                  dean at

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