The Cidr Report

Mark Prior mrp at
Sat Feb 27 12:10:49 UTC 1999

     Anyone have a direct line to Tony to ask him if he can fix these?

     > AS11305      116        8      108   93.1%   UNKNOWN
     > AS10928      102       50       52   51.0%   UNKNOWN

     These two *ARE* in ARIN's whois database.

     > AS852        177      137       40   22.6%   AGT Advance Communication

     This one has changed its name and the new one *IS* in ARIN's whois

     I wrote to him three weeks ago but it doesn't seem to have got through.
     The value of public shame is diminished by listing UNKNOWN...

I would think the data is coming from the IRRs (ie RADB, CANET, etc)
rather than from ARIN/APNIC (RIPE being a special case being in both


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