Report from New Zealand

Deepak Jain deepak at
Fri Dec 31 18:22:10 UTC 1999

> I'm just glad I can spend next New Years (the actual end of the second
> millennium if you follow the Gregoarin Calendar) someplace nice in the
> Carribean with nice beaches, blue water and no pager/cellphone.  I just
> don't want to hear from the New Millennium/21st century marketing monster
> all next year like we've heard from it this year.

I am sure you and I aren't the only ones planning something like that. I 
wonder if the beaches will be filled with ex-Y2000 types and the NOCs 
will be completely deserted on the Y2001 roll-over. That would be pretty 

Deepak Jain

(We're expecting a Happy New Year)

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