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In reality no map is 100%, and the edge cases are always problematic,
particulary when things like LATAs, NPA-NXXs, and zip codes are not
created originially representations of geographic area, but in actually
paths, i.e. wirelines or carrier routes (i.e. mail carriers).  So these
are actually approximations at the best case.

I don't know of any telco that could actually do this until they actually
started engineering the circuit for some of the funky edge cases.

In message <Pine.BSF.3.96.991231020130.21523E-100000 at>, "Forrest 
W. Christian" writes:
>> It would be nice to have in a vector based format, either in lat/lon or
>> offset, say dxf or even better in DLG/SDTS format.  It would be even better
>> with NPA/NXX info also plotted, but that might be asking to much, but
>> since we're asking.  Anyone know of such a thing?
>I would LOVE something like this.
>However, it gets A LOT more difficult, especially in rural US than you'd
>In Montana, noone knows where exactly the lata line is.  The reason is
>that the only thing defining the lata line is which NPA NXX'es are where.
>So, when you get "close" you have to actually call someone up with a clue
>and ask.  And sometimes, you find that some physical locations are either
>in NEITHER lata or effectively in EITHER (depends on which telco you can
>convince to drag you the line). Of course, the only locations in either 
>are so remote that they are useless for playing cross-lata games.
>I personally would like to shoot whichever idiot thought up the brilliant
>idea of cutting our state of less than a million people in half by that
>(@#*[email protected]# lata line.  Shure would make my life easier.
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