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Fri Dec 31 12:02:47 UTC 1999

I was on the phone & IRC with a gentleman from New Zealand just now.  He 
has posted his status on  He asked me 
to post some observations to NANOG because he is not on NANOG-post (and 
because the FGC conference call is rather useless with all that background 
noise due to people leaving their speaker phones on without mute - but it 
would have been nice, thanx for trying Alan).

He says that the Internet operated pretty much without a flaw, although 
utilization probably went up more than normal. :)

However, the phone system is almost completely useless.  He has two phones 
in his office and cannot call one from the other.  (Although he says they 
are on different exchanges, so they might not hit the same CO.)  Dial tone 
is there, but after dialing numbers, just dead air.  Which is weird, 
because when I called him it rang and he picked up, no static or 
anything.  (We do have a switch in NZ, but we have to ride the local PTT to 
the destination phone.)

This is causing unusual failure modes for some systems, especially ISDN 
routers which are common in .nz and .au.

So, overall, I would say that the world is probably not going to end. :)


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