Nigerian state-run telephone company cuts lines because of Y2K fear

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Thu Dec 30 16:05:02 UTC 1999

On Thu, Dec 30, 1999 at 10:52:21AM -0500, Robert Cannon wrote:
> Any additional reports concering this?

	We received some similar type information in our area:

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 Effective at midnight December 31, 1999 through approximately 8 AM January
 3, 2000, Ameritech will not accept repair calls unless they are causing
 life threatening emergencies. This procedure is also being followed by
 several other network providers in anticipation of Y2K.  This does not
 reflect on the Y2K preparedness.  It is just one more precaution the
 carriers are taking to make sure they aren't swamped with repair calls
 over the weekend.

 While we will take trouble reports from our customers throughout the
 weekend, we will not be submitting them until after 8 AM January 3, 2000.
 Please let your customers know that all normal response times are
 temporarily suspended and that nothing will be done on repair calls until
 Monday morning.

 If a customer wants to call Ameritech direct, please give them the
 appropriate repair number or the Y2K hotline number 888 247-5259.

 On a related note...I have called several Y2K people at Ameritech and they
 know nothing of a rumor that claims Ameritech will be "rebooting" all
 their central offices beginning at midnight on the 31st.  Several
 customers have apparently heard this rumor and are concerned that it would
 be harmful to their business.
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