y2k call / infoline for the first timezones to switch over

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Sorry if this is a repost - it did not seem to go thru.


Agreeing with Bill, you should also contact Izumi Aizu who is heading up an
International Coordination Effort out of the Internet Association of Japan
and the Asia and Pacific Internet Association.  izumi at anr.org   I would say
his effort is very complimentary to Sean's, with a more Asian International
focus.  Izumi's invitation to participate in the International Center can be
found on http://www.iaj.or.jp/y2kcc/invitation-e.html  I guess he is calling
it the Y2KCC/JP.  The announcement says "To participate, please send e-mail
to: y2kcc-intl at iaj.or.jp as soon as possible."

-Robert Cannon
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> Dear Collegues,
> did any conference exist for the first isps in the timezones who are
> switching over ?
> If yes, what are the appropiate websites / phone numbers ?
> Jan
Yes, there will be a conference call / coordination center
for ISPs in the AP region. The coordination will be funnled
through the ICC/IOPS site and I expect will be posted on Seans
excellent notification mailing list.


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