End of year freeze (Re: Y2k silly season)

Steve Sobol sjsobol at NorthShoreTechnologies.net
Thu Dec 30 05:07:52 UTC 1999

I've noticed no changes on my GTE cell phone nor on my SkyTel pager.

Brad wrote:
> I have a AT&T cell with paging..
> Both services appear to be functioning just as they always have.
> Alpha pages reach me within a minute of sending the email.  I have
> never had any fast busies or "no circuits available" related
> messages.  Call processing does vary quite a bit from when I am on the
> south-west side of Denver (work) and from the south-east side where I
> live.
> I recently drove from Denver to Sydney, Nebraska with service just
> about the entire way.  A co-worker with sprint-PCS tells me that his
> cell has _improved_ in quality recently (ie - better signal strength
> in basement, etc).
> But what I hate most about my cell, is that when I am working and
> nobody is bothering me, then my computer screen starts to wiggle from
> the interference from the phone, I know a call is coming in and just
> about throw my phone out the window every time...  Just one of those
> things I guess.
> Take care all.
> -Brad
> Ryan Tucker wrote:
> >
> > On Mon, 27 Dec 1999, Deepak Jain wrote:
> > > Poor signal strength, unusually high number of fast busies when trying to
> > > reach local and long distance land lines. High delays in call processing,
> > > Higher than normal numbers of automatic redials on call-initiation.
> > >
> > > This in areas like Tyson's Corner, South Beach, New York City, and
> > > surrounding areas.
> >
> > That's weird.  For what it's worth, things have been improving for me in
> > the Rochester NY region.  I can now keep my phone in my pocket in my
> > upstairs bedroom without losing signal, pages come through within about 10
> > minutes instead of the half hours of weeks past, and my stereo's reception
> > of local non-commercial stations is much improved.
> >
> > I've just been blaming it on the lack of leaves on the trees, but maybe
> > all the good propogation is accumulating up here ;-)  -rt
> >
> > (p.s.:  cellular provider is Cellular One [800MHz TDMA], pager is pagenet
> > [two-way], non-commercial radio stations are WBER, WRUR, and WITR)
> >
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