y2k call / infoline for the first timezones to switch over

Joe Abley jabley at patho.gen.nz
Wed Dec 29 22:46:48 UTC 1999


On Wed, Dec 29, 1999 at 01:25:54PM +0100, Jan Ahrent Czmok wrote:
> did any conference exist for the first isps in the timezones who are
> switching over ?
> If yes, what are the appropiate websites / phone numbers ?

I suspect that the first ISPs to experience the transition will be here
in New Zealand -- we're GMT+13. A number of us will be posting status
messages to Sean's y2k-status list.

The larger ISPs/Carriers here are CLEAR Communications Ltd
(www.clear.co.nz), Saturn Communications (www.saturn.co.nz), Telecom NZ
(www.telecom.co.nz), and Telstra NZ (www.telstra.co.nz). You might contact
them directly if you want to find out what traditional audioconferences
they are planning to participate in.

Overall y2k status for the country (as well as summaries by industry
segment) will be made available at http://www.y2k.govt.nz/ -- there
will also be reports contributed back to the Global Status Centre
in Washington D.C. (www.iycc.org).


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