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Tim Wolfe tim at
Thu Dec 23 22:37:13 UTC 1999

On Thu, 23 Dec 1999, Steve Dispensa wrote:

> I don't know how big of a deal is being made about 2.038K on a corporate
> management level, but it would seem that the ensuing months would be just
> about a perfect time to address this issue.  After all, many companies have
> teams for the date-field issue right now, and we've gotten pretty good in
> the past couple of years at analyzing this problem.  It would only make
> sense to immediately move on to the 2038 work after Y2K settles down.  Let's
> just not wait until 2035 to deal with it this time, huh?
>  - Steve

Do you honestly believe that corporate *name your country* will spend the
money NOW to fix a problem that won't affect them for 30+ years?  One of us
is living in a fantasy world....

-- Tim

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