Silly season

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Thu Dec 23 19:44:57 UTC 1999

> Greg A. Woods
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> > it would be better, imho, to go to a 64 bit signed time_t, but that
> > would be a major flag day.
> "would be"!?!?!  :-)
> No, it *WILL* be an important day, but it will happen on a per-system
> basis (and perhaps per-protocol basis if indeed there are any network
> protocols carrying time_t or similar values).

Those of us implementing 64-bit OS (Alpha, Merced, etc) get this as part of
the package. However, this does NOT correct databases that already have a
32-bit time_t (which shouldn't be the case, but is a good probability [lazy
Ergo, even the fact that 90% of the computers will be 64-bit safe by 2038
won't save us. Stored data will have to be checked and the conversion will
obsolete many backup tapes. What I am saying is that there is still a
data-migration issue, just like Y2K. The problem is only transitive in
protocols and running code, there is not much inertia there, but the real
problem is data in long-term storage, where inertia is the name of the game.

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