Internet Y2K Conference Call

Alan Hannan alan at
Thu Dec 23 17:39:15 UTC 1999

Global Crossing is sponsoring a year-end Y2K Voice Conference Call
for ISPs and NSPs.

This starts approximately 6pm 12/31/99 EST, and goes through 1/3/2000.

This call is intended to serve as a forum for ISPs to convene if
certain actions need to be coordinated.

We believe that our conferencing system, configured for 100 lines,
will not have any issues related to Y2K.

We are not totally reliant on the PSTN, however, with some VOIP
nodes active, dependant upon the IP network.

If you wish to participate, please email me personally, and Cc:
Pankaj Chawla [pchawla at].



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