Internet Y2K and Europe, South America, and Middle East

Neil J. McRae neil at
Wed Dec 22 09:55:08 UTC 1999

> Since dealing with Sprint starting in 1993 and through any number of
> US "tier 1" providers in the US from the UK we have never had anything
> but poor service. The frustration of trying to convince some $%**#!
> in a US NOC that the telco's in the UK and Europe don't use the same
> equipment / procedures / acronyms as they do is usually the first
> hurdle. Getting someone to understand how to call an overseas number
> is the second. Reminding the same person that London is *not* in the
> US is the third. The list goes on.

A year ago I would have agreed, but from certain providers we
see them proactivly trying to be european and have euro noc's
that deal with your issues.

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