NZ ccTLD registry closing down for Christmas!

Joe Abley jabley at
Sat Dec 18 21:26:47 UTC 1999

For the (probably few) operators who are in the business of registering
and parking names under the NZ (New Zealand) ccTLD, we have just been
notified that the NZ registry, Domainz, is closing down for Christmas --
no modifications to the zone files until 6 January.

Does anybody know of _any_ other TLD registry that is closing down for
Christmas? I'd be interested to hear, if so.


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As an inaugural member of NewZ-Flash, Domainz would like to officially 
thank you for subscribing and to welcome you.

Just a few words regarding...

Christmas and New Year name processing

Customers should ensure that all new name registrations and changes for 
existing names are submitted before Wed, 22 December.
Name registrations and approved moderations received by December 22, 12.00 
p.m. should be live by Christmas.

The Domainz office will be closed for customer enquiries from the evening 
of Thursday 23rd December and will re-open Thursday, January 6, 2000.

During the holiday period, registrations can be submitted by web and e-mail 
template in the normal way, but there will be no changes to the zone files 
until January 6, 2000.

If you have any enquiries of an urgent nature during the holiday period, 
call 0800 4DOMAINZ (0800 366 2469) or 04 473 4567 and leave a detailed 
phone message which will be cleared on a regular basis.

Statistics: Over 45,000 domains registered
The November Domainz performance statistics have been published for your 
information at

During the month, close to 100% of new name registrations and changes were 
achieved within one business working day.

Everyone here at Domainz would like to take this opportunity to wish you 
all the best for the holiday season and for a prosperous new year 2000.

My Regards,

Maria Arnott

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