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Greg A. Woods woods at most.weird.com
Thu Dec 16 22:25:45 UTC 1999

[ On Thursday, December 16, 1999 at 16:44:19 (-0500), Dean Anderson wrote: ]
> Subject: ORBS block
> Well, after almost a month of no attacks and a coincident month of
> ORBS blocking at BBN/NZ link, the block on ORBS has been lifted, and
> we have started getting relay attacks again.  I think thats pretty
> conclusive evidence that they are the cause of the relay attacks.

It's only evidence that someone thinks you're relays are viable
targets.  Other than that you've presented no evidence whatsoever.

> I'm hoping the removal was an oversight, but I'd like to ask people to
> please put the following access lists in:
> access-list 104 deny ip any
> access-list 104 deny ip any

If I were anywhere near any network doing that I would consider it to be
theft of service by the network operator.

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