ORBS block

Dean Anderson dean at av8.com
Thu Dec 16 21:44:19 UTC 1999

Well, after almost a month of no attacks and a coincident month of ORBS blocking at BBN/NZ link, the block on ORBS has been lifted, and we have started getting relay attacks again.  I think thats pretty conclusive evidence that they are the cause of the relay attacks.

I'm hoping the removal was an oversight, but I'd like to ask people to please put the following access lists in:

access-list 104 deny ip any
access-list 104 deny ip any

Luckily, the FBI just called me back to begin work on last months attacks. I guess Egypt Air must be getting wrapped up.  I guess I have some stuff to add to our complaints.  Actually, given the cause and effect demonstrated by the block, I'm hoping that this will motivate the FBI to do something with ORBS.


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