BGP Blowup?

Jesper Skriver jesper at
Mon Dec 13 17:24:03 UTC 1999

On Mon, Dec 13, 1999 at 08:59:59AM -0800, Tim Wolfe wrote:
> Being somewhat of a paranoid body, I have all my BGP peers currently set for
> max-prefix of 75000.  On Friday, my Sprint peer (usually around 67k)
> exceeded that number and we stopped the session.  This in itself is not a
> big deal, but looking at I notice
> that they suck a large influx in the table at a similar time..  Did anyone
> else see something similar?  If so, what peers did you see this from?  Here
> is the log for my incident in question..
> [snip]
> Dec 10 17:39:39  No. of prefix received from SPRINTROUTER: 75001 exceed limit 75000
> My session was disabled so I'm not sure how much bigger their table got. 
> The only reason I bring this up here instead of directly to Sprint is that
> the data on the Telestra page appears to point the finger at this being a
> multi-provider incident, and I haven't heard anything on this list or others
> regarding the situation..

None of our full routing sessions show this ...

x.x.x.x         4     1 1288729   35709  3747858    0    0 1w4d     66566
x.x.x.x         4  1239 1392203   36716  3747606    0    0 1w1d     66970
x.x.x.x         4  3561   91930    1560   392057    0    0 06:19:18 66647


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