Need help from UUNet's routing specialist!

Patrick Evans pre at
Fri Dec 10 00:28:14 UTC 1999

On Fri, 10 Dec 1999, Neil J. McRae wrote:

> We saw this again today also... nails in the coffin...
> > We (as8470) are Teleglobe customer. And we experience terrible
> > delays on Teleglobe to UUNet interconnect points. Teleglobe's customer
> > support engineers insist, that the problem caused by UUNet's routes
> > prioritization.
> > But I belive that this assymetric routing initiated by Teleglobe, not
> > UUNet. 
For the record, is anyone seeing even vaguely decent connectivity via
teleglobe? It seems that 50% of the times customers complain they have
a poor connection to our network, it turns out that they're going via
teleglobe at some point!

Are they running a 2400baud modem with a flaky fuse as their main
connection or something?

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