RPSL announcement text

Alex P. Rudnev alex at virgin.relcom.eu.net
Wed Dec 8 20:01:29 UTC 1999

And show me please what's Y2K uncompliant in this, for example:

whois -h whois-ripe181.ra.net AS701

aut-num:        AS701
as-name:        AMUFSOFU
descr:          Alternet
admin-c:        Not available
tech-c:         See MAINT-AS701
mnt-by:         MAINT-AS701
changed:        DB-admin at merit.edu 950201
source:         RADB


_Changed_ field is here the only suspected field, and 99% software don't use
field in the request development.

And so on. If some product is not 100% Y2K ready, it does not mean it can't work
in 2000 year. And vice versa, btw.

may be, someone from nanog have some statistic showing how people are stopping
to use old ripe181 server and begin to use new one? If really a few use old
interface, I apologize.

Alex R.

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