Verio Decides what parts of the internet to drop

Austin Schutz tex at
Tue Dec 7 00:14:33 UTC 1999

>>	In the far term as space becomes scarce we will need to find a solution
>>to wasted B space, but that is several years out. Perhaps by that time routers
>>will have so much memory and CPU as to make an extra ~4 million possible routes
>The danger of /17 blocks in B space is limited to 64*256 more routes 
>(16 k more, maximum).  

	Yes, you could arbitrarily say /17 is a fair border, and then people
would complain about their /18s being unreachable. The 4 million number
reflects 64 * 2^16 theoretical /24 routes - 64 * 256 current theoretical /16
routes = 4177920 routes. I haven't heard (yet) of people complaining about not
being able to get /25 to /32 routes globally routable. 
	Perhaps a somewhat less arbitrary limit corresponding to the smallest
allocation made by ARIN would be in order. That would currently be 2^(20 - 16)
 * 64 * 256 - 64 * 256 = 245760 extra routes. Still a pretty highg number, but
I imagine it would take several years to break up the existing Bs.


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