Verio Decides what parts of the internet to drop

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Sat Dec 4 05:03:57 UTC 1999

On Fri, 3 Dec 1999, Roeland M.J. Meyer wrote:

> We would be happy to pay fees within reason. The SSH VPN takes a lot of
> maintenance and handing it over to a SysAdmin has been troublesome since it
> is a very non-standard means of doing this. Open-source SSH VPNs are a great
> hack, but [lack of] maintainability is the downfall of ALL hacks.

Why not use CIPE?

As for BSDI, is it possible for them to trade their /17 in to ARIN for a
more likely routable one?

On filtering, if Verio's filter policy is so long standing, is there a
reason Sprint is the only NSP with a filter policy listed at ?

If filter policies like Sprint's and Verio's really are common among the
big backbone providers, that would seem to make it relatively pointless to
attempt to multi-home with provider supplied IP space.  We have a customer
interested in multihoming for reliability, but they use so little IP
space, even assigning them a /24 would be a stretch.  Since the space we
let them use is in 209.x.x.x, it seems their route wouldn't get far.  So
how do they make their internet connection more reliable?  Use IP space
from each of their providers and play games with DNS and NAT?

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