Perceived Y2K problems

Nathan Stratton nathan at
Wed Dec 1 05:16:56 UTC 1999

On Tue, 30 Nov 1999, Steve Dispensa wrote:

> Exactly.  Everything will work as it should, and lots of people will get
> dead phone lines because all of the dialtones will be used up.  I read
> somewhere that telcos plan on about 10% active usage.  Anybody know for
> sure?

Well it is a little more complicated then that and involves cool Erlang
> What it all boils down to is that ISPs like mine will get flooded with tech
> calls (assuming the customer gets a dialtone for the tech support call)

Everybody will get dialtone, your switch and have 0 trunks working out of
it and you still will get dialtone. If you are served out of DLC you can
get dialtone without any switch connectivity. 

> asking why *our* system is broken.  We can explain it, of course, but that
> won't stop them from being skeptical, to say the least.  The best we can
> hope for is the customers believing us as we pass the buck.  What a mess.

If your system does not work Y2K it will be because you were not prepared,
not your phone company. I am not saying people wont have billing issues
because of Y2K, but your phone will work. I am not even saying you will
not lose power (for a short time) because of Y2K, but your phone will

P.S. Off topic, but did anyone see the new platforms Bell South and Sprint
are mounting DLC systems on now after the flood? They are all made out of
pressure treated 6x6 and at lease 10ft off the ground. 

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