Perceived Y2K problems

Nathan Stratton nathan at
Wed Dec 1 04:24:04 UTC 1999

On Tue, 30 Nov 1999, David Lesher wrote:

> Unnamed Administration sources reported that Alan Clegg said:
> > 
> > But the phone system in Raleigh, North Carolina crashed for a day when
> > Garth Brooks tickets went on sale by phone.  No matter where you called,
> > you got a busy signal IF you managed to get a dial-tone at all.
> Crashed?? Or just got molassas-slow? It's *designed* to do that,
> to protect itself....

Yep, in fact Raleigh has a choke tandem (dont have the CLLI handy, but I
can look it up if anyone wants it), if the end offices and tandems were
all connected to it and as long as the ticket master or whatever was
connected you should not melt down the network at all. Choke tandems are
very cool, they provide a congestion point for high traffic sites, the
only problem is that many CLECs don't connect to them. 
> (If M$ was as reliable as telco switches, then Jill Winecooler's
> UAE/GPF would be a lead story on the TV news....)

Heheh, yep.

Don't worry I have setup 23 CLECs all over the US, they and almost
everybody else will not have any problems with Y2K. The only telco
problems you may have would be from the congestion caused when everybody
in the world calls there Y2K consultants who said everything was going to
melt down after it does not. :-)

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