Perceived Y2K problems

Eric Germann ekgermann at
Wed Dec 1 02:23:25 UTC 1999

Anyone thought on the telco side yet about perceived issues with Y2K?
Specifically, I was discussing with one of my telco guys about the
sociological effects, namely, everyone watching the ball drop, then going
off hook to see if they have dial tone, or dialing in to the Internet to
see if it still works.  Since most switches aren't designed for 100% off
hook load, anyone seen any studies as to whether the switches will crash
from that?  I do envision seconds to get dialtone.  I remember in our
college days the new Nortel from Sprint took about 4 seconds to give us
dialtone right after the Gulf War bombing started (mostly paranoid college
guys debating if they were eligible for the draft I believe).  Anyways,


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