acm finally lets us mbone-broadcast sigcomm (going on today->fri)

k claffy kc at
Tue Aug 31 17:02:42 UTC 1999

(we've been asking/offering for years;
guess persistence sometimes actually works, yum)

high s/n sigcomm program,
hope you're actually lucky enuf to be there:

vint's montage.thing today:

note apparently only about 40% of globe can see ad on sdr
(ok so persistence hasn't worked for everything yet)

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  Date: Tue, 31 Aug 1999 10:46:47 -0600 (MDT)
  From: Evi Nemeth <evi at>
  To: rem-conf at
  Subject: sigcomm mbone broadcast
  Cc: evi at
  our advertisements of the sigcomm conference (today, vint cerf ++ 's 
  tutorial on the technical history of the internet) seems to be 
  intermittment in sdr, so here are the numbers if anyone wants to
  join it by hand this is what ps says on the broadcasting machine:
  vat -f pcm2 -r -I 3 -t 127
  vic -t 127 -I 3
  wb -t 127
  our original advertisement from uc santa barbara used dvi2 as
  format, but we couldnt see it when we started broadcasting so
  we used the local backup which was set to use pcm2 format.
  i think vat adapts.

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