IP allocation software

Bruce Campbell bc at vicious.dropbear.id.au
Tue Aug 31 01:54:14 UTC 1999

On Mon, 30 Aug 1999, Phil Howard wrote:

> Jeremiah Kristal wrote:
> > Back in early '98 there was a rather limited discussion on the
> > availability (or lack) of software to manage IP allocations in a CIDR
> Some of the specifications I came up with included the aility to have
> customer service people request assignments and get numbers back quickly,
> and have a restricted access pool assignment feature.  Assignments needed to


> Do you have any specs on such a thing?

The above is a proven perl implementation of a whois query database, with
(limited) access controls, database updates with various protections (by
default its plain password, but you can put pgp into it) etc etc. 

Some of the features you request are not present, such as limited access
pool assignment feature, but this could be implemented via the simple
activity of modifying the code.  (look at the hierarchial authorisation
methods and so forth) 

Not to be left out, theres also rwhois (http://www.rwhois.net) which,
IMHO, lacks certain features but is still usable.  However I should point
out that I have a certain biasis towards the RIPE db software (since I use
it every day) 


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