The Mathematical Reality of IP Addressin in IPv4...

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1.  E. Terrell ( not published notarized, 1979 ) " The Proof of 
    Fermat's Last Theorem: The Revolution in Mathematical Thought " 


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>	This looks like interesting (and operational) reading.
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>	Title		: The Mathematical Reality of IP Addressing in IPv4 
>                          Questions the need for Another IP System 
>                          of Addressing
>	Author(s)	: E. Terrell
>	Filename	: draft-terrell-math-ipaddr-ipv4-00.txt
>	Pages		: 22
>	Date		: 24-Aug-99
>This paper was necessitated by an overwhelming desire; an attempt to 
>end the apparent disparity in the dissemination of information absent 
>of the logical and thoroughness in rendering an explanation of the IP 
>Addressing Scheme. To render a more pointed fact, I needed to pass a 
>CISCO Certification Examination. However, this can never be 
>accomplished, if the information that is needed and used in the 
>preparation thereof, lacks continuity and propagates errors pertaining 
>to foundational information. Needless to say, my endeavors were not in 
>vein. That is,as a direct result of this undertaking, I corrected  the 
>underlining errors, derived a possible alternative approach to the 
>IPv4 Addressing Scheme, and expanded its Class system ( that is no 
>longer in use ). In other words, I was indeed successful in the 
>elimination of the problems associated with IP Address Flooding 
>inherent in IPv4 and the complexities of IPv6. In short, small 
>business and single family dwellings can now have the option of 
>having their own private IP Addressing Scheme, without the disparity 
>resulting from the steep learning curve presented in IPv6. While the 
>Internet Community at large, will not suffer a shortage of the 
>availability IP Addresses for assigned distribution. Especially since, 
>while the number available IP Addresses do not exceed the amount 
>reported to be provided, if IPv6 is implemented. It does indeed, 
>provide enough IP Addresses to cover their continued issuance for at 
>least another 100 years or so. Which is dependent upon the adoption 
>of an adequate scheme for its allocation and distribution.
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