[nsf] internet traffic engineer shaping

Alex P. Rudnev alex at Relcom.EU.net
Wed Aug 25 09:39:12 UTC 1999

Btw, it's only 70% true - it's possible to get ANY hand labs based on the:

 PC/486,16RAM,300HD,  FreeBSD + 2 Async + 2 Ethernet 
 mrtd (or gated), nat daemon, firewall daemon, ppp daemon

Through it's more difficult to prepare such labs, the only things it's 
difficult to explore by this way are: VoIP, ATM, VLANs, and different 
exotic (as IBM, AplleTalk etc etc).

And the lack of the simple interpreting language (perl-class) with 

On Tue, 24 Aug 1999, k claffy wrote:

> Date: Tue, 24 Aug 1999 16:18:59 -0700
> From: k claffy <kc at caida.org>
> To: nanog at merit.edu
> Subject: [nsf] internet traffic engineer shaping
> don't mean to add noise but 
> agree this topic matters to nanog
> (matters way more than folks have time for it, i know)
> so, fwiw: the IEC project 
> 	(http://iec.caida.org, 
> 	inspired by listening to ispfolks articulate 
> 	these concerns for last few years)
> in addition to relevant workshops/materials/
> eventual.video.instruction online,
> just announced an RFP (included below) for its newly 
> NSF-sponsored program to develop hands-on 
> Internet Teaching Labs (ITLs) using routers 
> and other equipment donated from vendors
> one of criteria in selecting candidate schools is 
> existence of collaboration or mentoring relationships 
> between the faculty/school and an ISP or vendor
> round 1 due sept 17; round 2 oct 15
> vroom
> k
> --------------------------------------------------------------------
>   From: "Theresa Ott" <theresa at caida.org>
>   To: <IEC-Faculty at caida.org>
>   Subject: Internet Teaching Lab Solicitation
>   Date: Fri, 20 Aug 1999 16:07:48 -0700
>   Dear Colleague,
>   While the demand for networking engineers is growing rapidly, few
>   networking courses include a hands-on laboratory component, often due to a
>   lack of equipment.  The Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis
>   (CAIDA) is therefore expanding its Internet Engineering Curriculum (IEC)
>   program to work with hardware vendors and Internet providers to better
>   equip Universities to meet the needs of next generation engineers.
>   Universities interested in adding an Internet Teaching Laboratory (ITL) to
>   their networking courses are encouraged to submit proposals in response to
>   the ITL solicitation located at:
>   	http://iec.caida.org/itl_solicitation.html
>   ITL Phase I donations include roughly 100 routers, interface cards and
>   software from Cisco Systems.  Additional equipment, including CSU/DSUs and
>   terminal servers, may also be available from additional donors.  All
>   contributions will be shipped directly to the recipient Universities, with
>   CAIDA assisting the evaluation process, ITL implementation, and subsequent
>   ITL collaborations.  Selection of Universities will be by CAIDA's IEC
>   Advisory Board, consisting of representatives from the commercial and
>   academic communities.
>   Any U.S. College or University faculty member that will be teaching
>   networking courses during the academic year may submit proposals for a
>   Phase I ITL facility.  Parties planning to submit a proposal are encouraged
>   to send a 1-2 page letter (email) by September 3, 1999 describing plans for
>   an ITL.  This letter of Intent will permit CAIDA personnel to notify
>   interested institutions of the availability of any additional equipment
>   that may assist with the planned Lab.
>   Proposals will be reviewed in two rounds, due September 17, 1999 and
>   October 15, 1999.  Proposals not selected in the first round may be
>   resubmitted in round 2.  If your proposal is selected, the official
>   University paperwork must be done, including a letter of commitment from
>   the University.
>   Proposals and questions concerning the solicitation or equipment should be
>   submitted electronically to itl at caida.org.
>   On behalf of IEC Co-PIs, kc claffy and Evi Nemeth, and myself, we look
>   forward to your involvement in this program.
>   Sincerely,
>   Theresa Ott
>   IEC Project Coordinator
>   For further information on the IEC project, see http://iec.caida.org or
>   write to iec at caida.org.

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