FW: Tech contact for Qwest?

Dean Robb pceasy at norfolk.infi.net
Wed Aug 25 00:01:26 UTC 1999

At 14:03 8/21/99 -0400, Charles Sprickman wrote:
>On Sat, 21 Aug 1999 fulton at uit.org wrote:
>> Perhaps if we can get the "higher-ups" to stop hiring noc newbies based on
>> certs and begin hiring based on raw intelligence...then maybe we can get
>> the overall clue factor back to a reasonable level.
>That's true I think.  Most of the people I ask questions of posess neither
>a CCIE nor a comp-sci degree.  Some do, but not enough to convince me that
>real-world experience and contact with knowledgeable people isn't a valid
>"education".  How many folks here that consider themselves a "leader" in
>net ops at their place of employ were formally educated?

Here's a perfect example of the "Piece of paper means nothing" scenario:

I was on a system deployment today for a national funeral home chain.
After working with their tech support guy to get the router configured the
way they wanted it, he told me I needed a crossover cable to connect it to
the hub.  I disagreed and suggested we at least try to use the normal RJ-45
I had in my hand.  That got me kicked up one level to another tech who told
me that the previous tech "had a college degree and is our expert, so go
get a crossover cable".  Again, I balked and wanted to at least try to
connect using the cable in my hands.  That got me bumped up again several
times, eventually coming to the Vice President in charge of the deployment
who told me "we've got certified experts who say you need that cable so go
get it!". 

(Anyone see this coming?).  I got the cable - and of course it didn't work.
 The normal cable did (DUH!).

So I had 3 "certified" "experts" and a "college degree" who told me that I
needed something that I didn't - and refused to even *try* it my way; and
were wrong.

"NSI and ICANN - on the next Springer!"

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