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Surely the definitive work on IS-IS is Radia Perlman's _Interconnections_?
Bridging and the spanning tree are covered there quite nicely as well.

The original problem we had with IS-IS was that nobody had a CIDRized version.
I think that's why. Maybe the split is earlier? I'm not sure. Huitema doesn't say anything in his book.


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> > > It may be a bit late to suggest this, but please keep in 
> > > mind for the
> > > future an alternative text, entitled "An Engineering 
> > > Approach to Computer
> > > Networking", by Keshav. 
> An excellent book.  A bit hard to fit your course around it,
> but it gives a very different take on the subject.
> > Interesting that you put ISIS as an emerging rather than past 
> > protocol.
> I work on ISIS here - it is seeing new life as a routing protocol
> that is much simpler, but as powerful as, OSPF.
> - jeff parker

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