"Engineer" (Was: Tech contact for Qwest?)

Dirk Harms-Merbitz dirk at power.net
Mon Aug 23 16:56:29 UTC 1999

You gotta be kidding. When was the last time that you talked to a
sales engineer? Most of those (generalizing here, so obviously there
are exceptions) aren't any good at engineering but have learned the
buzzwords. There is a reason why they aren't doing systems work.

People just come in all shapes. Some honest some not. Doesn't matter
what proffession or title. Sales people generally don't really know
enough to lie even when they do. 


On Mon, Aug 23, 1999 at 11:24:36AM -0500, Stephen Sprunk wrote:
> I think that most of us act as ethically as management permits.  There's a
> reason why vendors bring an "engineer" along on sales calls; customers have
> a very solid understanding that nobody else (sales, marketing, etc) can be
> trusted.  That's not to say every "engineer" is without ulterior motives,
> but they're virtually guaranteed to be the most ethical people you'll meet
> at any company.
> What happens when a civil engineer refuses to certify a bridge is safe?
> What happens when a network engineer refuses to certify a network will work?
> Why is there a difference, and what can we do about it?
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> >
> > David Brouda <david at brouda.com> wrote:
> >
> > > Now, I have mentioned three key words: engineer, professional, and
> ethics.
> > > As a student of engineering, I believe that these three words go
> > > hand-in-hand.
> >
> > The facts that somebody is being professional, educated and ethical does
> not
> > guarantee that he has any idea of what he is doing.  The catch is that a
> > clueless person is generally unware that he's clueless, so he can be quite
> > eithcal and professional in what he thinks he is doing. Watch the hordes
> > of ATM zealots - many of them with very impressive credentials.  Does not
> > make their "contribution" any more worthwhile.
> Yeah, but at least they have a code of ethics.  Where'd ours
> go?
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