Tech contact for Qwest?

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Actually, the tendency I've seen in most non-ISP companies is that the
companies shell out an increasing amount of money for progressively less
clue, dump more and more work on a shrinking staff, and continue to ignore
everything they say.  Maybe ISPs/Telcos are different.

I don't believe clue is getting sparse; I think that the clueful refuse to
work for non-clued management, and they're getting better at spotting it and
realizing that obscene salaries really aren't worth putting up with all the

As Randy said, clue attracts clue.


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PS  Actually, i do not see shortage of clueful network engineers.  What
    i see is complete lack of clueful managers.  Engineers are often left
    without any useful managerial support, and all too often are simply
    screwed up by the bad management.  That's why i think the fact that
    good engineers are getting more expensive is positive.  When management
    if forced to pay through the nose for the professional expertise, they
    more likely feel compelled to follow the offered advice.

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