Tech contact for Qwest?

Mike Heller mikeh at
Mon Aug 23 08:54:46 UTC 1999

> PS  Actually, i do not see shortage of clueful network engineers.  What
>     i see is complete lack of clueful managers.  Engineers are often left
>     without any useful managerial support, and all too often are simply
>     screwed up by the bad management.  That's why i think the fact that
>     good engineers are getting more expensive is positive.  When management
>     if forced to pay through the nose for the professional expertise, they
>     more likely feel compelled to follow the offered advice.
>     It is quite possible to run a large backbone with two-three top-notch
>     engineers - providing they can pick their assistants and don't have
>     to spend most of their time dealing with bureaucratic idiocy.

What is the definition of "top notch"?  If you mean 4th level engineers 
and network planners, then yes. If you mean 2nd level engineers, then I 
disagree.  Backbones are (and should be) too big for 3 people to manage.   

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