"Engineer" (Was: Tech contact for Qwest?)

Vadim Antonov avg at kotovnik.com
Mon Aug 23 06:51:03 UTC 1999

David Brouda <david at brouda.com> wrote:

> Now, I have mentioned three key words: engineer, professional, and ethics.
> As a student of engineering, I believe that these three words go
> hand-in-hand.

The facts that somebody is being professional, educated and ethical does not
guarantee that he has any idea of what he is doing.  The catch is that a
clueless person is generally unware that he's clueless, so he can be quite
eithcal and professional in what he thinks he is doing. Watch the hordes
of ATM zealots - many of them with very impressive credentials.  Does not
make their "contribution" any more worthwhile.


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