FW: Tech contact for Qwest?

Henry R. Linneweh linneweh at concentric.net
Sun Aug 22 18:30:06 UTC 1999

Because of politics and who you know and not
what you know, and because of age discrimination
removing all the people that did know because
they became to expensive, so degree bias is the
rule of thumb backed by the other two.


Mike Heller wrote:

> Back to my original complaint....  The people that I have issue with are
> not the highschool dropouts.  These are people in the NOC supposedly
> versed in routing protocols.  I know the requirements for 2nd level
> engineers and they invariably include a CE or an EE degree and several
> years real experience. Why then would a technician call me back in
> regards to a ticket I opened through a BGP_specific maildrop and not know
> what BGP was?  The only reason I can fathom is disorganization.  There
> are some NSP's out there that are similar if not very similar to the
> "highschool engineer".  There should be more policy behind their practice.
> Michael Heller
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> On 22 Aug 1999, Paul Vixie wrote:
> >
> > ekgermann at cctec.com (Eric Germann) writes:
> >
> > > I think today most are a little too liberal with the term engineer.  Those
> > > of us who went the traditional route of education and earned the title as
> > > an ME, EE or CE sometimes bristle that we're lumped in with the guy who
> > > just passed his CNE from the books.
> >
> > hmmm.  then, how do you feel about being lumped in with highschool dropouts
> > who have no certification whatsoever?
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