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Sean Donelan SEAN at SDG.DRA.COM
Sun Aug 22 06:44:50 UTC 1999

SEAN at dra.COM (Sean Donelan) writes:
>>	Something to look forward to. :)
>Any predictions whether this will have more or fewer affects than
>NIST setting daylight savings time in the wrong month a few years
>ago on WWV/B?

Those wagering the GPS roller over would have fewer affects, I think
you lost.  Pioneer, Japan reports they have 450 people answering phones
from customers with car GPS navigation systems which have failed.  Japan's
MITA estimates 95,000 units in Japan are affected.  I couldn't find anything
on the engligh-language web pages about the problem.

The US Air Force reports the satellites and control system rolled
over without incident.  The US Coast Guard has received no reports
of civilian problems within the USA this evening.
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