FW: Tech contact for Qwest?

Marcellus Smith marcellus at cw.net
Sat Aug 21 18:43:52 UTC 1999

In my opinion, EVERY junior engineer should spend some time in the NOC under
the guidance of more Senior Engineers before moving on in the organization.

And those Senior Engineers should have a program in which these junior
engineers must go through before allowing them to interface with other ISP's
to troubleshoot problems. If you know the tools that they need, then put
them in a position to succeed. And remember most of all, that it's not
beneath you to nurture and mentor people.

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On Sat, 21 Aug 1999 fulton at uit.org wrote:

> Perhaps if we can get the "higher-ups" to stop hiring noc newbies based on
> certs and begin hiring based on raw intelligence...then maybe we can get
> the overall clue factor back to a reasonable level.

That's true I think.  Most of the people I ask questions of posess neither
a CCIE nor a comp-sci degree.  Some do, but not enough to convince me that
real-world experience and contact with knowledgeable people isn't a valid
"education".  How many folks here that consider themselves a "leader" in
net ops at their place of employ were formally educated?


> On Fri, 20 Aug 1999, Chris Flores wrote:
> > That's a fairly strong statement to make. Large telcos/ISPs tend to
> > "newbie" engineers into situations where a experienced or senior
> > belongs. Let's face facts - there are not enough IP
engineers/technicians to
> > fill all the needed positions. Companies need to either have more peer
> > review or expect the "clueless"  attitude toward customers. No one could
> > expect a entry level engineer to handle complex ISP BGP issues when they
> > barely understand VLSM/CIDR. The industry is much larger than previous
> > years(obvious), thus more entry level engineers.

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