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Sat Aug 21 05:35:46 UTC 1999

What about saying that clueful internet engineers are getting greedy, and are
afraid to teach junior engineers in an attempt to save their jobs and not loose
there high salaries.  For example...

Joe Shmoo is a great internet engineer getting paid 35 dollars an hour (This is
just a round estimate since i have no idea what the pay level is).

The manager sees Joe Shmoo is getting over worked and hires Mike as a junior or
assistant to Joe.  Joe has 2 options.

Teach Mike all he knows
Teach Mike enough to keep him silent and still make sure that Mike is below th
clue level of Joe.  What does Joe do ?  I dont know.
My dad once told me something very interesting.
Before you teach a person, see if they are dumb or smart.  If they are smart,
teach them because they will learn any way and at least they will be thankful..
If they are dumb, then teaching them is useless because they are too dumb to give
you any recognition for it, or use the talent in  a good way.  Any comments on
this saying ?

your very sleepy, and bored..
Walter L

Michael Dillon wrote:

> On Fri, 20 Aug 1999, Christian Nielsen wrote:
> > Maybe not an appropriate topic for Nanog... but... it is becoming a sad fact
> > that the clue level of 'internet engineers' is going down.
> I think you mean that the clue density is getting sparser as the Internet
> grows. This is because clueful Internet engineers are often clueless when
> it comes to things like mentoring which would cause a more even clue
> distribution. And management does not put enough emphasis on knowledge
> transfer because they don't seem to have a clue about where Internet
> engineers come from.
> Since the thrice yearly NANOG meetings are a major source of clue transfer
> in the industry, I think that this is quite appropriate to discuss on the
> list. Should the NANOG meetings include a longer tutorial component prior
> to the two-day meeting? If NANOG offered weeklong courses prior to the
> meetings would your management sent engineers for training? Would your
> management allow clueful engineers to teach such courses?
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